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The Perks

We are a Bay Area sports blog on the Fansided network, which has 200+ sites and 3 million visitors a month. We cover all Bay Area teams, from pro to college, with a team of writers dedicated to providing updates and analysis. We are one of Fansided’s biggest website.

One of the biggest perks if you write for us is that all of our articles are also published on SI.com, giving you excellent exposure. You will also be able to work closely with our co-editors, Maggie Pilloton, Sean Bialaszek, and Kevin Saito to provide feedback on your articles and maximize your skill.

If you are interested in writing for Golden Gate Sports, email Maggie at mpilloton@gmail.com, Sean at seanbia@yahoo.com, or Kevin at saito8204@gmail.com. From there, we will refer you to a brief application.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Maggie Pilloton, Sean Bialaszek, and Kevin Saito