NaVorro Bowman is the 49ers’ Best Player


The San Francisco 49ers lost to the Denver Broncos 19-12 on Saturday, and the offensive line was horrible. They didn’t protect Colin Kaepernick very well at all. If the Niners want Kaepernick to play better than last season, the line better start doing their jobs. Aside from a poor offensive effort, NaVorro Bowman showed us that he’s the best player on this team.

According to ESPN, Bowman was only supposed to play 10 snaps. However, he ended up playing 40 snaps which was the entire first half of the game. His performance should ease everyone’s concerns about his comeback from the knee injury. There is no doubt that NaVorro Bowman is ready to lead the 49ers’ defense at full strength.

In the first half alone, Bowman had nine tackles and two sacks. That’s quite impressive considering he played against a team as well coached as the Broncos.

Possibly the biggest issue for the 49ers last season was their defense. Do you remember how frustrating it was to watch them commit a ridiculous amount of stupid penalties? It was the worst. Plus, the defense hardly ever stopped an opposing offense on third down in critical situations. Maybe Kaepernick would have been better last season if the defense wouldn’t have allowed so many points. You don’t need to be an ESPN analyst to know that playing from behind makes the game more difficult.

All of that should change this season. Yes, two great defensive leaders for the Niners in Justin Smith and Patrick Willis are no longer with the team, but Bowman has truly grown into a star. Perhaps Bowman being on the sideline all of last season helped him improve the mental and leadership aspects of football.

Last week against the Cowboys, and especially against the Broncos, NaVorro Bowman actually looked faster and stronger than I’ve ever seen him play. It seems that there is a new drive inside him to lead this 49ers team. Bowman isn’t just the general of the defense, he’s the key player who will carry the team above the offseason controversies.

All of the drama with various players this offseason has been a nightmare. However, the 49ers are extremely fortunate to have a player as positive, energetic, and passionate as NaVorro Bowman in these tough times.

Willis’s retirement could be a blessing in disguise for Bowman. Since NaVorro will be looked at by the rest of the team as their main leader, his true potential will shine. You can imagine that Jim Tomsula is quite thankful to have Bowman because of everything else that has gone wrong for the start of his debut head coaching season. In regards to NaVorro Bowman’s performance, Tomsula said:

"“He was just having a blast and it was right. He would have played all night if we had let him. He had a great look in his eye. It was great for him.”"

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It seems that Tomsula truly respects Bowman’s great talent, and this season could be very rewarding for the two of them. The team didn’t want to push Bowman’s knee too hard yet. They are still testing the waters to see how well it will hold up with increased activity. Bowman went from three snaps last week to 40 this week, so it seems like his knee will be ready to go for the regular season.

If Bowman keeps up the incredible pace and productivity he displayed against the Broncos, then he could win the Defensive Player of the Year Award. He’s also certain to be named the Comeback Player of the Year.

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