Jarryd Hayne Better Not Get Cut by the 49ers


Jarryd Hayne has played two preseason games for the San Francisco 49ers. It’s certain that people who don’t care about the Niners have seen this guy on the news. Lately, there is a fury of reports about Hayne’s shockingly good preseason after coming from Australia as a professional rugby player player.

Some people might think he’s just some guy trying to make the roster as a backup. There’s nothing special about having a few decent games in the preseason right?

Well if you’re interested in Jarryd Hayne’s story so far, there is one small piece of information that may raise your intrigue to a new level.

His first two preseason games are the first two games of organized American football that he EVER played.

Hayne is 27 years-old and a professional rugby player, so he isn’t a stranger to taking hits and running in traffic. During punt returns and carries on offense for the Niners, he proved that his skills make him a true NFL talent.

There isn’t one person in football who experienced initial NFL success as Jarryd Hayne has thus far. Sure, there are guys like Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger who were instant stars as rookies. However, neither of their rookie seasons were the first time they wore football pads.

Jarryd Hayne clearly has the poise and talent to earn a roster spot with the San Francisco 49ers. The team’s image has been absolute trash over the past year. It seems that another 49er is getting in trouble with the law every week. The latest news involves court rulings for Ahmad Brooks and ex-Niner, Ray McDonald.

If Jim Tomsula and the 49ers want to help boost their public image, they should keep Jarryd Hayne on the regular season roster. They would be making a mistake if they cut him. Hayne’s all-around image has been nothing but positive. He plays hard, he talks well in press conferences, and he’s getting love from both the United States and Australia.

Furthermore, the NFL has clearly been wanting to expand its foreign market appeal in recent years. Why else would they have so many games scheduled in Europe? Basically, Jarryd Hayne isn’t only good for the San Francisco 49ers; he’s great for the entire NFL.

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The NFL is a business, and a huge part of their job is to promote players and teams in a way that encourages people to buy tickets and merchandise. According to the top sellers ranking on the Niners NFL Shop jersey section, Jarryd Hayne has the most popular San Francisco 49ers jersey. That’s hard proof that Hayne is good for the Niners and the NFL with his high popularity.

Aside from logistics, Jarryd Hayne’s performance has been greatly impressive. In 13 rushes so far, he ran for 117 yards. Plus, he has been absolutely killing it on punt returns. He runs with a steady mix of balance, speed, and power. Those are obviously key ingredients for a successful NFL player.

He’s also learning the game of football at an extremely fast pace. Why wouldn’t the 49ers want someone as talented, smart, and hardworking as Jarryd Hayne? ESPN quoted a pretty funny exchange Hayne had against an opposing player:

"“The safety put a little bit of extra [oomph] in it,” Hayne said. “He told me to get low. ‘Get low, [No.] 38.'”"

If anything, that’s some good advice for Hayne to take. Once he perfects his mechanics, Hayne will be a very dangerous weapon for the Niners from the backfield and in punt returns.

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