Are the San Francisco 49ers the best organization in football right now?

49ers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
49ers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The San Francisco 49ers have transformed their organization into perhaps the best in football.

It’s hard to argue with what the San Francisco 49ers have been able to do in such a short period of time to turn their franchise around since Jim Harbaugh was fired.

A mere two years is all it took for the Niners to saddle up and regain posture in the NFC West as they went a combined 7-25 between 2015 and 2016 with coaches Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly.

Then 2017 happened and the game changed for the 49ers organization.

John Lynch came aboard as general manager. Kyle Shanahan was brought on as head coach after the MVP year he got out of Matt Ryan in Atlanta in 2016.

Then the 49ers took a flier on one of the hottest commodities/biggest unknowns in football as they traded for Jimmy Garoppolo midseason.

Garoppolo went on to start the last five games of the season and go 5-0, bringing the once 1-10 49ers to 6-10 on the year.

2018 was a bust after Garoppolo got hurt early and the 49ers stumbled to a disappointing 4-12 season.

But 2019, as we all know, was the coming-out party as everything fell in place and the Niners finished 13-3 and found themselves one quarter away from a Super Bowl championship. If not for a 21-0 fourth quarter, we would be talking about the reigning Super Bowl champs.

There is, however, much to still be optimistic about as a 49ers fan.

This is still a team very much in the Super Bowl hunt even after losing DeForest Buckner, Joe Staley, and Emmanuel Sanders this offseason.

Yes, Super Bowl losses tend to cause hangovers, especially if that loss came in dramatic, heartbreaking fashion as last year’s did.

But this is a franchise that is outperforming everybody in the field even to this day, and they may even be the best organization in football right now given the New England Patriots seem to have taken a step back after losing the great Tom Brady.

Remember this past draft?

Tristan Wirfs was arguably the best offensive lineman in this class but he dropped outside of the top-10. The 49ers were sitting at pick No. 13 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were one spot behind them at No. 14.

Somehow, John Lynch and the 49ers’ front office were able to convince the Bucs to swap spots with them and also give up a fourth-round pick in the process.

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The same Bucs team who, by the way, would’ve had Wirfs fall into their laps even if they stuck at No. 14, and the same Bucs team who are poised to challenge the Niners for the NFC title this year.

Lynch and the front office tossed the Bucs around like rag dolls and got them to give up a fourth-rounder for a guy they would’ve gotten anyway if they did nothing in the first round.

In the process, the Niners set themselves up in that draft at pick No. 13 by trading DeForest Buckner to the Indianapolis Colts. With that pick, they outsmarted the Bucs to trade up and give up a fourth.

And as a result, the Niners took perhaps the best interior defensive lineman (depending on who you talk to) in the draft in Javon Kinlaw to replace Buckner as a cheaper and younger option, though Kinlaw is obviously not as good as Buckner at the moment.

The 49ers also made moves at the back end of the first round where they traded up from pick No. 31 to pick No. 25 with the Minnesota Vikings (another NFC threat) to grab wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk out of Arizona State.

Keep in mind the Vikings had just picked at No. 22 and took Justin Jefferson to replace Stefon Diggs, so the possibility was there that they could’ve taken a second top receiver in the class at No. 25.

In my opinion, it’s going a bit unnoticed, but John Lynch and the 49ers front office ran circles around the rest of the field in this year’s draft, especially in those two instances I just talked about.

They just seem to be on another level than everybody else right now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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The 49ers have made quite a few notable moves this offseason.

They extended Kyle Shanahan to a big contract. Arik Armstead got his piece of the pie as well. George Kittle is probably up next.

And they seem to have brushed off a potential chink in the armor as Raheem Mostert and the team are starting to calm the waters on their relationship after the talented running back requested a trade a couple of weeks ago.

This is a team that is innovative in the run game and Mostert was such a big influence in that last year that the 49ers cut ties with Matt Breida as a result.

If Mostert were to go, that would be a bit of a blow to this ever-growing behemoth of an organization that has had so much go their way in the past year.

However, the moves this team is making along with the personnel on and off the field contributing to these moves are ensuring the 49ers stick around for quite a while. And sometime, very soon I imagine, the 49ers are going to grab a Super Bowl championship.

The Super Bowl loss hangover is possible and very much a real concern for 2020, but looking at the Niners’ schedule, along with the talent they still have on the field, it’s hard for me to imagine they can’t at least get 10 or 11 wins out of this upcoming slate.

Especially with the play-calling they have on offense by Kyle Shanahan as well as the play-calling on defense by Robert Saleh on top of talent to execute those play calls, particularly on the defensive line.

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Are the 49ers the best organization in football right now?

They certainly seem like it.