49ers: Why Tom Brady will be playing in San Francisco next season

49ers, Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
49ers, Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

As Tom Brady hits the free-agent market, many teams will look to go after the greatest quarterback of all time, including his hometown San Francisco 49ers.

Can anyone imagine the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, in a jersey other than the New England Patriots? Honestly, probably not.

No one in the world ever thought, after Brady won his sixth Super Bowl in 2019, that in two years he could be leading a different franchise.

All starting with Adam Schefter at the beginning of the 2019 season releasing a bold statement claiming Brady would be out of New England by the end of the 2020 free agency period.

There was just no way. Then, an insanely bizarre prediction became a reality.

Tom Brady struggled throughout the 2019 season more than ever in his long 20-year career. We all know well, Bill Belichick is all defense. Belichick developed a defense during the 2019 season that, early on after six weeks, was being considered as the greatest defense of all time.

At least statistically speaking.

But, Belichick must have forgotten about the offense. With no deep threat, no Rob Gronkowski, and a banged-up Julian Edelman next to a bunch of undrafted rookies, Tom Brady and the Patriots were doomed.

Frustration week after week led to more rumors about Brady looking to be on the move in the offseason and that set off an alarm in Foxborough.

The Patriots lost a home playoff game to Ryan Tannehill and the Tennessee Titans. Brady and Belichick can’t win the Super Bowl every year, but was this it for the greatest quarterback/head coach duo of all time?

The offseason is finally here after the Kansas City Chiefs took down a talented and young San Francisco 49ers team. This Super Bowl might have been a devastating loss for the 49ers fans, but we did learn something.

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Maybe Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t the quarterback of the future for the team in the Bay Area. So who would the 49ers replace him with? Tom Brady?

This might sound crazy, but hear me out. Rumors are flying about Brady possibly being interested in the Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, and Dallas Cowboys. Why are none of these teams a good fit for Tom Brady?

The Raiders are a semi-talented roster with an unsteady front office and questionable coach in Jon Gruden. Oh and by the way, you go to the Raiders or Chargers, you play the Super Bowl champs every year. Twice.

The Chargers just said goodbye to Philip Rivers, basically opening the door for Tom Brady. But, again, an inconsistent, unsteady front office that has to play Patrick Mahomes twice a year.

What about the Dallas Cowboys?

The most popular franchise in all of sports, Jerry Jones, and talented players everywhere. Sounds like the perfect fit for a soon to be 43-year-old Tom Brady.

But wait, there is one problem, Gisele. Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady’s wife, doesn’t want to be in Dallas, she wants to be on the West Coast where it is warm and sunny.

This leads us to two teams remaining of possible landing spots for Tom Brady — stay in New England or come home to California and play for your childhood favorite San Francisco 49ers.

Obviously, the safe option would be to sign a two year, 60 million dollar deal with the Patriots. But, is that what the competitive spirit in Tom Brady really wants.

No. He wants to win another Super Bowl and I don’t think he has faith in that New England Patriots offensive depth chart to help him get ring number seven.

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This leads me to this, Tom Brady will be wearing a 49ers jersey next time he takes the field and here is why.

One, he has dreamt of putting on a 49ers jersey his entire life, idolizing Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

Two, did anyone watch what Tom Brady did with Rob Gronkowski during their time as teammates. Gronkowski, for years was the most dominant tight end the league had ever seen.

So, what’s my point? George Kittle is my point.

A young tight end, that has proven over the past two seasons that he is the best at his position currently in the NFL.

Imagine what Tom Brady could do with the best tight end in the game, three talented running backs, a reliable offensive line, and the next best young offensive mind in Kyle Shanahan.

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Tom Brady has something to prove to the game of football. He is the greatest of all time and he doesn’t need Bill Belichick.

Come home Tom.