San Francisco 49ers v. Atlanta Falcons Game Day Open Thread

Dec 11, 2016; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers fan in a sombrero decorated with ornaments during the third quarter against the New York Jets at Levi
Dec 11, 2016; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers fan in a sombrero decorated with ornaments during the third quarter against the New York Jets at Levi /

The San Francisco 49ers are in Atlanta to take on the Falcons and are looking to avoid their thirteenth straight defeat. Can they do it?

What else can you say about this San Francisco 49ers season? There don’t seem to be enough adjectives to describe just how abysmal it’s been. After a week one win over the LA Rams – a 28-0 blowout, no less – teased fans with the promise of a good season, the 49ers have reeled off twelve straight losses.

Not to be too hyperbolic about it, but San Francisco’s season has been positively Cleveland Browns-esque in its scope of failure.

We knew coming into the year that the 49ers weren’t placing a high value on defense – Chip Kelly coached teams never do. But we expected that they would at least be able to rack up some points and maybe, outscore a few teams along the way.

But that hasn’t come close to happening. Oh, the defense has been as porous as a typical Kelly defense, giving up more than 400 yards and 30 points per game – both dead last in the league, for those of you scoring at home. But the offense has sputtered and stuttered along all season as well, averaging just 314 yards and 19 points per game.

Sure, the easy thing to do is pin the blame on the quarterbacking situation. And to be sure, both Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick must shoulder some of the blame for the offense’s vast shortcomings. And there are many. The only bright spot in this offense has been Carlos Hyde, who has racked up nearly 900 yards and has helped San Francisco’s run game to the league’s fifth best ranking.

But the issue is a bigger one than just a player or two – simply put, this is a poorly coached football team. A very poorly coached football team.

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Kelly and his staff have brought nothing to the table and the supposed offensive genius and innovation of the man has been sorely lacking. Oh, he’s tried a few gadget plays here and there, but in terms of a coherent and solid game plan week in and week out, San Francisco simply has not had it.

With three games – including today’s tilt with Altanta – left in the season, it would behoove Jed York to start thinking about the future of this franchise. Both the short term and the long term. If Hall of Famer Steve Young was right, and this is more about racking up dollars than wins, then by all means, keep doing what you’re doing, Jed.

But if the York family wants to return this franchise to its tradition of greatness, everybody involved in the upper levels of decision making will need to take a good long look at the state of the organization and start making some tough decisions.

Today’s game at Atlanta is very likely going to be yet another blowout in a season chock full of them. The Falcons hung 42 points on a Rams defense that is better than San Francisco’s by every measure – it wouldn’t be surprising to see Atlanta drop 42 by halftime.

44. 17. 42. Final. 38

The debacle against Atlanta was enough for the Rams to finally fire Jeff Fisher – could a similar fate await Kelly if Matt Ryan and the Falcons are able to do them the same way?

We can – and probably should – hope so.

What are your thoughts about the game and the state of this franchise? What do you think needs to happen to make this team respectable once more? Should Kelly be fired? Given another year? If you have the power to make all the decisions, what do you do first?

This is your place to talk about the game and all things San Francisco 49ers football. Let’s hear your thoughts. Step on up, speak out, and be heard.