Sacramento Kings: 2015-16 Season Predictions


The Sacramento Kings are far from the team they were last year. And they are miles and miles away from the likes of the 17-win 2008 squad. Fans will never forget the dumpster fire the Maloofs turned this franchise into. Looking back on those cheap teams with no-name players and coaches that had little hope of leading their talent bare team to victory, fans can gain a true appreciation for where the team is now.

The regime of the Maloofs is over. The new owner actively tries to make the team better and the fans happy. The Kings have arguably the best big-man in the league in DeMarcus Cousins. They also have one of the best second-option guys in the league —  Rudy Gay.

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Coach George Karl is one of few Hall of Fame locks still coaching today. And next year, the team will move into its massive and shiny new downtown arena. There’s a lot to be proud of in Sacramento right now.

With the 2015-16 season is about to start, there has already been much hype surrounding this team — which is not something usually said about the Sacramento Kings. The team has been revamped, in both the front office and the front court. Fan favorite Vlade Divac is now the top man in charge of the front office George Karl seems to have gained a renewed confidence.

Elsewhere, the team traded away or lost recent draft pick Nik Stauskas, Jason Thompson, Derrick Williams, and Ray McCallum. But they went out and got a bevy of familiar names. The list of additions include: Rajon Rondo, Omri Casspi, Caron Butler, Kosta Koufos, Marco Belinelli, and Seth Curry.

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The excitement around the team stems from the fact that most long time fans are used to the ownership being stagnant each offseason, unwilling to spend any money improving the team by pursuing big name — and big contract — talent.

The Western Conference is tough. That’s not breaking news. Last year, several teams in the West with around 40 wins each missed the playoffs. This means the Kings will likely need at least 35 to be in contention. The Vegas odds have the Kings’ win total at 30.

But with the talented roster they have, the legendary coach on the sidelines, and the passionate home crowd, 35 wins seems doable.

This is a year where things are expected to be different. They need to be different. For the fans, players, and staff. The Kings have written off nearly every season since 2005 as a ‘rebuilding year’ only to scrap whatever building blocks they have had.

Last year actually looked promising before Cousins got sick, coach Mike Malone got fired, and the team moved on to its third coach of the year — who squabbled with Cousins from the start. The fan base has been tugged and trampled long enough, the team now has to simply go out and win.

This is a year where things are expected to be different. They need to be different.

After a summer of moves and hype, the time for talking is done. Anything less than a playoff berth will cause serious doubt to arise among the fans. All Kings fans who have remained loyal through the trials and tribulations of going from this to this deserve to see success in Sacramento.

Official 2015-2016 Season Predictions:

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