Ricky Watters: For His Family, For the Fans, For Football

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Other quotes from Ricky Watters

Mandatory Credit: Jay Dela Cruz, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area

– On the Warriors winning a title:

"“It was awesome. I was so glad I was here cause I just came back last year. So to be here for that run and to see it?” “It was just an excellent, excellent run for them obviously, but also for us to be able to witness it. It was really special.”"

– On Stephen Curry:

"“He’s a great model for [my sons] ’cause here’s a guy who seems to do everything the right way on and off the court. So it was really awesome to see a guy like that and to see he’s not the biggest one out there, he’s not the strongest one, but he just may be the best one out there. “The way he can just get that quick release and BOOM! Let it go, let it splash like that, it was just a lot of fun to watch.”"

– On his favorite player on the Warriors and player he most identifies with:

"“I think Klay (Thompson)…and Draymond (Green), ’cause he’s tough, he gets in there. But Klay: I like his all-around game. I like everything.”"

– On what he wishes he had done more back in college:

"“I would have spent more time with the regular students. ‘Cause we were always with the football players. Everything was always football. Now I realize these are the people that are running things and all these different companies — I was going to school with them. They were right there, and they were loving us as players. You just talk to this guy a little bit, you never know what that could have done with that. That’s what I tell the players now.”"

– Comparing his game to current Niners RB, Carlos Hyde:

"“We’re different kinds of runners, but we both run hard and I love the way he runs between the tackles. He’s always looking outside to get out there and to break out into the open, and that’s how I was as well. He looks like he has good hands and I would like to see him more in the passing game. And maybe that’s Kap – instead of just trying to throw it out, let’s throw it down to Hyde and let him run for those 10 yards that you need to keep the chains moving. But I like his all around game, I love his heart. He’s a very mature young man, and I love that.”"

Much thanks to Ricky Watters for his time, as well as Jay Dela Cruz and Maggie Pilloton for setting up the interview!

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