Jarryd Hayne Proved His Value to the 49ers


On Saturday, Jarryd Hayne announced through Twitter that he made the San Francisco 49ers‘ 53-man roster.

The Niners absolutely made the correct choice by keeping him. He has a dangerous mix of strength and speed that any team would love to have. During each preseason game, Hayne gave the 49ers more reasons why they would have been foolish to cut him.

Did you see Jarryd Hayne’s run-after-catch against the San Diego Chargers where he decked an opposing player? He showed every NFL prospect how to get noticed in a good way while trying to earn a roster spot. He didn’t make glaring mistakes, and he grew incredibly over a small amount of games. Basically, he stood out by making big plays.

It’s still crazy to think that these have been Hayne’s first games of organized American football. He’s already a rugby star, and he could become an NFL star very quickly.

Aside from NaVorro Bowman‘s return from his injury, Jarryd Hayne is the best thing to happen to the 49ers in a long time. The Niners needed someone exactly like Hayne. He’s a workhorse who can contribute in the receiving, running, and return games. Plus, the way he conducts himself on and off the field is perfect.

Honestly, his rise is one of the most interesting stories in the NFL’s recent history. I’ve gotten incredibly sick of the constant news of legal issues among players, “Deflate Gate”, and Roger Goodell’s incompetence. Jarryd Hayne actually adds a unique flair that professional American football hasn’t seen in a long time.

It’s just awesome that the 49ers recruited a foreign athlete that’s as talented and unique as Jarryd Hayne. The NFL is clearly interested in expanding its brand, and Hayne is a perfect way to widen the league’s international appeal. He will definitely soon become a fan-favorite for the San Francisco 49ers. His red 38 jersey will be easily seen all over the place in both the Bay Area and Australia.

He is giving fans and Niners’ coaches a strong reason to be optimistic for the rushing and punt return attacks this season. Hayne strongly proved his value in those categories especially against the Dallas Cowboys. He had 54 rushing yards on eight carries and 84 yards on three punt returns. Jarryd Hayne could become one of the most valuable players on the 49ers if that productivity carries over to the regular season.

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According to ESPN, Hayne racked up 175 rushing yards on 25 carries and 163 yards on 10 punt returns during the preseason. Jim Tomsula better give this guy a huge role on the Niners. Without a doubt, Jarryd Hayne should be the featured punt returner. He should also get a significant amount of carries behind Carlos Hyde. Reggie Bush really shouldn’t pose much of a threat to Hayne’s carries. The 49ers will likely use Bush as a receiver option and in third-and-long situations.

The Niners and Hayne can figure out strategy later. As of right now, Hayne is extremely grateful to have made the 53-man roster. ESPN quoted Hayne saying:

"“This whole journey was never about making a roster or being on a team; it was all about giving myself an opportunity,” he said. “It was about saying that I want to take a risk, I want to put myself out there. I want to let my faith be in action. Faith without action is dead. This whole journey, I’ve never felt so alive.”"

Clearly, Hayne is as unique of a person as he is an athlete. The 49ers and the NFL received a truly special player this year, and he will continue to fight and assert his talent on the field.

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