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Even the most loyal and devoted San Francisco 49ers fan can’t possibly keep up with all of the news and information floating around out there these days. After all, there’s work, family, social engagements, and a host of other things that keep us from tracking it all – no matter how badly we want to! Well, good news. We here at Golden Gate Sports are here to help.

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If you had obligations that have kept you from monitoring your team as closely as you would like – after all, checking your smart phone at a friend’s wedding or at dinner with your significant other might be frowned upon – we are rounding up the latest and greatest from our most recent headlines.

The passionate and talented staff at Golden Gate Sports has been busy compiling the stats and information you seek, and combined with hot takes and solid opinions have crafted some compelling articles for your reading pleasure. We’re here to help you stay current with your team.

So if you haven’t had the opportunity to read, or maybe want to give things a second look, let’s take a look at what’s been buzzing, trending and has people talking lately from the San Francisco 49ers’ sidelines…

First up, GGS editor Brandon Keller makes his case for running back – and former rugby star – Jarryd Hayne to be San Francisco’s X-Factor this season.

"“The San Francisco 49ers won in impressive fashion with a score of 23-6 against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Even though it was only a preseason game, the team improved greatly from their loss in the previous week to the Houston Texans.”"

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Staff writer David Ochoa wonders who is going to step up to fill the 49ers’ third receiver spot.

"“Despite knowing of the risk of being suspended for an earlier arrest, the 49ers signed Jerome Simpson to be their third string wide receiver behind Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith. Simpson was suspended for the first six games of the season. This means his spot is open for at least six games.”"

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GGS editor Sean Bialaszek shows us how 49ers defensive lineman Mike Purcell is making his case to make San Francisco’s roster.

"“About halfway through the second quarter, the 49ers blitzed up the middle in an effort to get to Cowboys’ quarterback Dustin Vaughan. Vaughan took a couple steps to his left, and while trying to check down to his tight end over the middle, Gavin Escobar, his throw landed in the big mitts of 49ers’ defensive lineman Mike Purcell. The catch was the beginning of a majestic sequence of events.”"

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Staff writer Dan Fappiano manages to find some silver linings from the 49ers’ terible, terrible offseason.

"“This year, the San Francisco 49ers had one of the worst offseasons a team could ever have. From front offense to roster, the team looks much different than not only the 2014-15 team, but the team that made it to three straight NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl between 2012-14.”"

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Staff writer Wes Ying wonders what might have been between the 49ers and Aaron Rodgers

"“Of course, the Niners famously passed on Rodgers after selecting Utah quarterback Alex Smith, and Rodgers fell into the lap of the Packers with the 24th pick. The rest as they say, is history. And that history is still being written as we speak. Any my tears are still flowing, too.”"

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And finally…

Staff writer David Ochoa wonders whether or not the 49ers can replace the recently cut quarterback sacking machine, Aldon Smith

"“With Aldon Smith getting arrested again and subsequently released, the 49ers are once again reaching deep into their depth. This time last year the 49ers had the best linebacker corps in the NFL and it really wasn’t that close. Now the 49ers are just hoping they can keep enough players to put on the field.”"

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