San Francisco 49ers’ Aldon Smith Was Arrested . . . Again


It’s time for the San Francisco 49ers to cut Aldon Smith from the team. Second chances are great, and the 49ers have given Smith multiple opportunities to improve his behavior. However, the Niners would be fools if they let Smith stay as part of their organization any longer.

On Thursday, Aldon Smith was arrested for hit-and-run, DUI, and vandalism with a bail of $26,000. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Smith has been arrested multiple times in the past few years.

As a fan of the 49ers, this really hurts. I even feel foolish for believing he would turn his act around. Smith should be one of the Niners’ fiercest and most productive defensive players. Every team in the NFL needs strong pass rushers, and Smith was expected to play that role for the San Francisco 49ers.

In the year the team went to the Super Bowl, Smith’s play was stellar for most of the season. However, things for him have obviously gone downhill since then. In 2012, Smith produced a very impressive 19.5 sacks. Because of decreased playing time due to his problems, all of his once impressive numbers plummeted.

The San Jose Mercury News also reported that the San Francisco 49ers were given Thursday off after having five days of practice. Well it seems like Aldon Smith decided to spend his day off by getting drunk, being a vandal, and getting arrested again. Come on, man.

According to an ESPN article, 49ers general manager, Trent Baalke, recently said that he wants to re-sign Smith. Baalke said:

"“Aldon’s like any young player. He’s growing up, he’s maturing. You see that with a lot of these guys. Some of them get themselves in a few more situations that you wish they didn’t … [but I’m] really pleased with the way he’s handled things, the way he’s working both personally and professionally. I think he’s doing an outstanding job. He’s always been a great teammate. He’s always had an excellent work ethic. Those are things he’s even stepped up. He’s in his contract year. He’s poised to have a very good year. We expect him to have a very good year. I think he expects himself to have a very good year.”"

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I hope Aldon Smith reads that quote from his boss and feels bad. It’s the least Smith could do for being one of the 49ers’ biggest busts. Why would he take his talents and opportunities to be a star for granted by making stupid decisions?

Again, a lot of us probably believed Smith would change and stay out of trouble in order to help the team. Aldon Smith proved all of his fans wrong, and it’s time for the 49ers to release him. I really hoped that he would become a positive role model for the 49ers, but he has been involved with too many off-field issues. It doesn’t seem like Smith cares about improving himself or the team.

Update: The San Jose Mercury News gave an update on the situation. Smith said today:

"“I need to speak. I want everybody to understand this wasn’t a DUI. The situation that happened could have been handled differently. And I apologize to everybody I did let down and I apologize for how it all played out. As far as everything is concerned, it will work out how it’s supposed to work out”"

It appears that Aldon Smith says what happened was not a DUI.

In a further update, reported that the team released Aldon Smith following his arrest. Of the release, Jim Tomsula said:

"“It’s a sad day. This is a day that doesn’t have anything to do with football. Although he won’t be playing football for the San Francisco 49ers, he will be supported, and he will be helped.”"

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