The San Francisco 49ers Will Win the NFC West


As fans of the San Francisco 49ers know, the Seattle Seahawks are the bane of the Bay Area’s existence. The “Legion  of Boom” is feared by all from West to East, and they have embarrassed the Niners plenty of times recently. However, with Seattle’s laughable loss in the Super Bowl, their time as champions in the NFC West is finished. The 49ers will rise to the top of the division.

Richard Sherman is not the best defensive player in the NFL. It doesn’t matter how loud he screams it or how many Twitter rants he goes on. In the eyes of Niners Nation, he’s an annoying bug that needs to be squashed.

Are the rest of you as sick of the Seahawks’ egos as much as I am? It’s time for the Niners’ healthy and re-energized team to finally shut up the birds.

Think back to the NFC Championship game in which Seattle beat the 49ers. Yes, they stole another shot at the Super Bowl from the red and gold, but the torment didn’t end there. Seattle injured NaVorro Bowman to the point where he couldn’t play the entire next season. It seems pretty clear that it’s time for payback.

Without a doubt, Bowman will be the defensive leader and the heart of the San Francisco 49ers this season. He’s healthy and certainly still in his prime. There isn’t one defender on Seattle or the entire NFC West who is as tough or talented as NaVorro Bowman. Honestly, he better rip the mouth right off Richard Sherman‘s face.

What’s scarier than a healthy linebacker who’s looking for revenge? Perhaps the fact that a rookie intercepted Russell Wilson‘s potential game winning touchdown pass in the Super Bowl, but he will have much more to worry about than that. As we all know, Wilson is the type of player who is an eternal optimist. He always says the “right” things to the media that make him seem like a profession phony rather than a profession football player. Wilson has a harsh reality ahead of him.

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If the Seattle Seahawks take the 49ers lightly, which they will, San Francisco will rip them apart. Here lies the key where the Niners will find success this season. Based on their 8-8 record last season, some teams will certainly underestimate the talent that has developed for the 49ers this offseason. Plus the team lost two great veterans in Patrick Willis and Frank Gore. However, the team seems ready to win again with their much more player-friendly head coach, Jim Tomsula.

Recently, ESPN featured a Q&A on who might win the NFC West and how many teams there will make the playoffs. Most of the contributors seem to believe that Seattle will be the only team from the division to make a postseason appearance. If you’ve followed offseason news for the Niners this summer, you should be able to see numerous reasons to believe in the 49ers this season.

It doesn’t make much sense that Nick Wagoner said “San Francisco looks poised for a downturn.” Does he base this off an 8-8 season and some key player retirements? Who knows, but it’s clear that Colin Kaepernick is ready to take his ability to the next level. Plus, it’s likely that some of last year’s failure had something to do with Jim Harbaugh and how poorly he meshed with the organization.

With Jim Tomsula leading the way this season, it seems like there will be nothing but good vibes throughout the Niners’ organization. The Seahawks may seem promising, but their time on the top is coming to an end.

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