Golden State Warriors: Most Intriguing Players on Summer League Team

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Matt Stainbrook, Center, Xavier

Mar 25, 2015; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Xavier Musketeers center Matt Stainbrook (40) speaks to media during practice before the semifinal of the west regional at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The first four players listed are interesting due to their stats or their play style. Some are good at shooting, passing, or stealing. None of Stainbrook’s stats blow you away, not to say he didn’t play well, but it is Stainbrook’s personality and the legend he started in NCAA tournament that make him interesting.

Stainbrook played for the Xavier Musketeers. Outside of Musketeer fans, no one really gave them much credit, as they only played four teams who were ranked, and only one team ranked in the top five in Villanova. Needless to say the casual fan most likely did not see Xavier play during the regular season.

When fans tuned in to watch the NCAA tournament and saw Xavier play against Ole Miss and Georgia State before eventually losing to Arizona, they saw the magic that is Stainbrook. Most people don’t expect a guy like Stainbrook to be the best player of their respective team. His famous goggles caught most people’s attention as Stainbrook carried Xavier through the NCAA tournament.

Then a story came about how Stainbrook gave his scholarship to his brother so he could attend the school. He then took up a job as an Uber driver so that he could pay for college. Legends aren’t normally born like that, but Xavier’s tournament run at least put Stainbrook on the map.

As for his play, his numbers are decent, with four-year averages of 10.8 PPG, 6.9 RPG, and a .570 field goal averages. His rebounds per game was actually sixth-best in the Big East. He had a pretty stellar offensive rating of 122.3 which ranked second in the Big East.

Stainbrook has pretty good size at 6’10” and 270 pounds. That size will definitely help in the long run. He is just extremely raw right now and will need to work on his game. He will most likely get a D-League opportunity and could continue to improve there.

As for the Summer League, Stainbrook’s hype is all in his face value. Fans will remember the goggle-faced assassin and how he helped Xavier reach the Sweet 16. Stainbrook got to make a name for himself in college and will get to continue his run playing for the Golden State Warriors’ D-League team.

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