Draymond Green Gets Paid so What’s Next?


It was reported last night by yahoo sports that Draymond Green has signed a 5-year $85 million deal to return to the Golden State Warriors.

Green, who had a career year last season en route to winning an NBA championship, averaged about 12 points, eight rebounds, and four assists per game in the regular season. In the post season, Green averaged about 14 points, 10 rebounds, and five assists. Not only did Green blossom offensively, he grew immensely on the defensive side of the court as well.

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In the regular season, Green accumulated 99 blocks, 123 steals, and held his opponents to 46 percent shooting from the field. Green was also named to the NBA All-Defensive First team honors for his outstanding lock-down defense. He proved this season that he can guard any player on the court, one to five with ease.

After announcing that he would re-sign with the Warriors, Green released this statement:

It’s hard to argue that Green doesn’t deserve this big contract. Without Green’s major efforts, the missing energy and optimism on the Warriors would have made them a completely different team. Green’s versatile style of play is exactly the type of player the Warriors want to keep around if they plan to stay on track for another championship. Also, without Green, the Warriors would not only lose their best all around player, they also would have lost a vocal leader.

Now with Green signed, the question is what do you give Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli for their contract extensions? Although, Barnes and Ezeli won’t become restricted free agents until the end of the 2015-2016 season, both players are key parts of this Warriors team much like Green. Even though they are not max contract caliber players, Barnes and Ezeli do deserve a raise as well.  Both Barnes and Ezeli, deserve at least a three-four year $20-$25 million deal for their key contributions.

Barnes got his rhythm back as a starter last season while averaging 10 points and five rebounds per game. He averaged about the same numbers in the post season as well. The thing that makes Barnes essential is his ability to get to the paint and score the easy baskets. Barnes can also act as a third or fourth option three-point shooter, allowing him to spread the floor and draw the defense to the perimeter.

Ezeli picked up right where he left off before missing all of last season. He was able to spread the floor, change shots, grab rebounds, and contribute as a reliable and viable option off the bench. Ezeli averaged about four points, three rebounds, and one block each game off the bench for the Warriors.

Although Ezeli does not fill up the stat sheet, he does make a difference around and near the rim. He allowed his opponents to shoot 44 percent near the rim this season, and allowed about four shot attempts per game as well. However, the Warriors and their fans can worry about Barnes and Ezeli later. It is time to rejoice with the fact that the team is getting back one of their most important players in Draymond Green.

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