Talking Points: San Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears


Despite being 1-0, it already feels as if the San Francisco 49ers are playing catch up with the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are widely considered the best team in the league, and the 49ers are trying to get a leg up on them early. In order to do that, the 49ers need to keep winning.

The 49ers bested the Dallas Cowboys last week, and are looking to do the same to the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night. In order to start out the season 2-0, there a few key match-ups that the 49ers must win.

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49ers’ Run Defense

Matt Forte is an extremely dangerous running back that can both run and catch. However, the 49ers should be more concerned about his running. Last week, DeMarco Murray gashed the 49ers run defense for 5.4 yards per carry. Some might say the 49ers were letting the Cowboys run because they were concerned about defending the pass, but after watching the game, it didn’t appear the 49ers were letting them do anything. They were just getting beat off the line straight up.

The good news for the 49ers is that two of the Bears’ starting offensive linemen will be missing this game. The 49ers must take advantage of these absences and dominate in the trenches.

Bears’ Passing Offense

If you want insight to this week’s game, basically all you need to do is go read up on last week’s match-ups vs. the Cowboys. The Bears and the Cowboys are two extremely similar teams: Dangerous offenses with porous defenses.

The jury is still out on whether or not Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, or even Josh Morgan will play.

The 49ers might luck out again and not have to face two of the top wide receivers in the league. If they don’t play, their offense will be extremely hamstringed and the 49ers will be incredibly fortunate. If the Bears can’t score points, they are in massive trouble because their defense is not a group you want to rely on to win games.

49ers’ Defense

Not everything is good news for the 49ers’ defense however. Chris Culliver still must pass the concussion protocol in order to play on Sunday, and Tramaine Brock is still questionable to play. Dontae Johnson and Perrish Cox did a good job filling in for them, but the 49ers want both starting corners to play. If Marshall and Jeffery are able to play, the 49ers need their two best corners on the field.

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49ers assembled a golden roster via NFL Draft despite misses /

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  • 49ers’ Offense

    This is where the game must be won for the 49ers. Like the Cowboys, the Bears had a historically bad defense last year. Regardless what happens on the other side of the ball, the 49ers must take advantage of the Bears’ weakness on defense. The 49ers did a good job of ripping apart the Dallas defense last week before going into conservative mode in the second half. They have to find their rhythm again and put the Bears in a tough spot.

    The 49ers have the personnel to it a long night for the Bears’ defense on Sunday. The Bears’ defense couldn’t hold off the mediocre Buffalo Bills’ offense last Sunday, and they lost in overtime. If the 49ers potent offense that is filled to the brim with weapons can’t put up points on this defense, then there will be a lot of doubts and questions in Santa Clara.

    If the 49ers can constantly put up points, it won’t matter who plays for the Bears’ offense.