Why the 49ers Should Trade For Tim Tebow


Sept 30, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) and San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis (85) shake hands after their game at MetLife Stadium. The 49ers defeated the Jets 34-0. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

When your NFL completion percentage is lower than JaMarcus Russell’s, it may be time to change careers.

But credit Tim Tebow for sticking to what he loves and ignoring naysayers.  Praise or despise the 25-year-old’s quarterbacking skills (or lack thereof), you cannot diminish his heart and desire.

Tebow’s NFL future is up in the air following a disastrous season with the Jets, where playing time was limited and insults were aplenty.

While the door remains open for the signal caller to return to Rex Ryan’s circus, a change in scenery would likely benefit both parties.  It depends whether New York can trade Tebow, which is unfavorable with his value at an all-time low.

Still, Tebow’s miraculous playoff run with the Broncos remains fresh in GMs’ minds, and the 49ers, who hold eight 2013 draft picks between the fifth and seventh rounds, could easily part with one or two of their selections to add a competitor.

Pairing up with San Francisco is a highly unlikely/unpopular scenario, but the former BCS National Champion could fit snugly in the organization.

By joining a winning culture, the pressure on Tebow’s shoulders would ease as an undisputed backup (potentially third string, considering incumbent backup Scott Tolzien).  The ex-Bronco is an established runner but a flawed passer, so working with guru Jim Harbaugh could effectively harness his arm strength.

Also consider when Colin Kaepernick became the offense’s centerpiece, Harbaugh installed “pistol” formation plays in addition to the rollouts designed for Alex Smith.  Tebow, who is not a traditional pocket thrower, would not require a major playbook overhaul as he did when Kyle Orton was benched in Denver.

And why limit Tebow to quarterback?  The 6’3”, 235-pounder can line up at half back, full back and punt protector.  Such versatility justifies a roster spot, particularly for a polished ball carrier.

Don’t forget Tebow’s most underrated skill is leading the team prayer, which is an ignored component to winning NFL contests.  Furthermore, he covers his paltry salary (and then some), with his consistently high football jersey sales.

Dressing Tebow in red and gold would be a low risk, decent reward possibility.  With two years left on his contract, let him study under Kaepernick and salvage his NFL career.  As the saying goes for Harbaugh and other coaches, “When life gives you Tebows, make quarterbacks.”