Sacramento Kings: Re-grading the team’s 2019 free-agent signings

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3. Cory Joseph, PG, Sacramento Kings – 3 years, $24.6 million.

Cory Joseph has been the definition of an average player. Now, that’s not necessarily an insult as he wasn’t a poor player, he just wasn’t that great either.

He brought a mixed bag offensively, but his defense was always up to par. Just as you would be about to praise him for making a stop on the defensive end, he would then go and stop himself from scoring down the other end.

I don’t want to be too critical, he played his heart out every time he was on the court and perhaps he was just asked to do a bit too much due to injuries.

One of the more regular fixtures of this Kings team, Joseph played 72 games, starting 26 of them. For an off-the-bench point guard he was pretty solid. 6.0 points a game and 4.0 assists, shooting 35 percent from three and 41 percent from the field isn’t too bad, nor good — it’s pretty average.

Offensively he would stray away from his area of expertise and try to do a little too much. Primarily a facilitator, it surprised me how often he would take on an isolation match up, resulting in too much dribbling and far too many contested mid-range jumpers.

I’m happy that CoJo will be on the team next year — it’s just a shame he is massively overpaid for what you get. The three-year, $37 million dollar contract is around $5 million more then he was making last year for basically the exact same contribution.

Due to this and the fact he didn’t bring the Kings to the playoffs is why he’s not ranked higher on my list.

Grade: B (average)