Sacramento Kings: Re-grading the team’s 2019 free-agent signings

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Sacramento Kings (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Sacramento Kings
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1. Dewayne Dedmon, C, Sacramento Kings – 3 years, $40 million

The award for the most disappointing free agent of 2019 goes to Dewayne Dedmon.

Initially thought to be the perfect fit beside Marvin Bagley, Dedmon failed to live up to expectations. Prior to this season, he showed versatility, defensive ability, and most importantly the ability to shoot threes — hence the three-year, $40 million dollar contract.

What we got was the complete opposite.

Averaging only 5.0 points per game, Dedmon struggled to get going all year, shooting an atrocious 19 percent from three. His defensive game was also not up to par.

Starting the season with a sort of entitlement that the starting center spot was secured, it was not long before Richaun Holmes kicked him to the curb. Averaging 5.0 rebounds and less than one block a game is very poor for your defensive anchor.

He then had the audacity to request a trade, upset with his role on the team. Frankly, the way he played for the Kings, I was surprised any team would be interested.

Thankfully the front office cottoned on to the situation early and managed to shift him to Atlanta in exchange for Jabari Parker and Alex Len, the latter filling Dedmon’s void immediately.

The fact the front office was wise enough to get rid of that contract is the only reason he does not get an F.

Grade: D-