Warriors: 5 trade-down targets in the 2020 NBA Draft

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3. The Warriors could target Tony Snell (Detroit Pistons)

These potential trades all require varying levels of the Warriors’ willingness to take on salary, their desire to have the particular player, and the gap in picks from the lottery. If the Warriors have a high willingness to take on salary, Tony Snell makes sense.

I’ve long been a fan of Snell’s fit in the Warriors rotation. Like Bullock and Ellington, Snell has made a career out of knocking down threes, but he’s coming off shooting 40 percent from range.

Over the past four years, Snell has averaged 25.5 minutes per game, 72 games per season, and shot 40.2 percent from beyond the arc. That’s an ideal combination of durability and consistency on the wing the Warriors should prioritize.

Advanced analytics are higher on Bullock and tend to bash Snell defensively. However, he has the length and size to be competent on defense. His salary alone is just over $12 million next season and the Pistons had a worse record than the Knicks this season so the fit is probably less likely.

Again, uncertainty is still the name of the game. Maybe Detroit faces a budget cut that means they’d be willing to trade down a couple picks to move Snell’s salary. It’s unlikely, but nothing should be viewed as out of the question right now.