Warriors: 5 trade-down targets in the 2020 NBA Draft

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The Golden State Warriors could loom to trade down and target a veteran player in the 2020 NBA Draft.

While the conclusion of the NBA season still appears months away, one thing is for certain — the Golden State Warriors have the worst record in the league. The draft lottery leaves the draft order still up in the air, but Golden State knows they’ll have a top-five selection.

As we get ready to dive into big boards and line up the best targets for the Warriors, there are plenty of things to consider.

Even as the NBA faces an unprecedented financial crisis, the Warriors should be positioned to take advantage. At least, if they hope to remain among the league’s heavyweights, that should be the play.

The roughly $17 million trade exception created by the Andre Igoudala trade last offseason will expire very soon after the beginning of this free-agency cycle.

Given the team’s salary-cap situation, it will be impossible for the Warriors to add a salary of that size without trading Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, or Draymond Green.

Some ownership groups around the league *cough* Tilman Fertita and the Houston Rockets *cough* are hurt far worse than others by the pandemic. It’s only natural that some teams will be searching to dump salary.

Golden State could use the space to absorb an albatross to acquire a young prospect or draft asset, but that would seem to misalign with their timeline.

Building a championship team around their aging core remains the top priority. Having a top pick in one of the least clear drafts of all time offers an opportunity to find the Warriors centerpiece of tomorrow, but not necessarily help them today.

One scenario makes the most sense to try and do both — trading down.

Teams will be reluctant (if not entirely unwilling) to move picks in the 2021 NBA draft, but will they be as unwilling to let go of a solid role player making a sizable salary?

Golden State could move down from their top pick and still add a top draft talent with some long-term upside while adding an immediate rotation piece as well.

Here are five trades that would fit.