Raiders: Ranking all 8 undrafted free agent signings

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4. Siaosi Mariner, WR, Utah State (Raiders)

Despite putting up some pretty good numbers in 2019, Siaosi Mariner was basically non-existent in the pre-draft process.

Part of this may be due to him switching from Utah to Utah State after graduating, and some of it because he changed his last name from Wilson to Mariner and as a result, information on him is split between the two names.

He also was not invited to the Combine, the Senior Bowl, or any of the pre-draft games. This is despite being thrown to by Jordan Love who many people had their eyes on as one of the top quarterback prospects, so you would have to assume he was noticed by scouts.

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Moving on to Mariner as a player, he stands at 6-foot-2 and racked up 987 yards with 10 touchdowns on 62 receptions as a senior last season.

Prior to the 2019 season, Mariner played for the Utah Utes. His numbers in his three years with Utah combined were lower than his numbers in his single season with Utah State.

Now on to his skill set.

Mariner’s speed is average at best. Despite that, he still made a lot of plays downfield. He is really good at adjusting his body to the football and tracking it in the air. His size allows him to get up there and make acrobatic catches and he really allowed Jordan Love to use his big arm.

I mentioned his speed not being a strength but he does have sudden quickness. This doesn’t translate much into his YAC ability however, he isn’t a guy you give the ball and expect to make plays like a running-back.

Mariner will have a tough road on his quest to make the roster, even the practice-squad really. The position has gone under a complete reconstruction with the added youth brought in this offseason.