Will any SF Giants remain with the team throughout the decade?

SF Giants (Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
SF Giants (Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

In the free-agent era, it’s difficult to see players stick around for many years. Will any SF Giants make though the decade? Short answer: no.

Barry Bonds, Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey are just a few names in SF Giants history who’ve withstood 10 or more years with the team.

But nowadays players don’t stay with one organization. Yearly success, opportunities to play for contenders will make it easier for players to leave by 2030.

We’re getting to the point of many Giants careers where retirement is closer than a World Series title. The direction of the organization is headed the right way with some young guns, but will it be quick enough to keep the players interested?

Star pitcher and future Oracle Park wall-of-fame member Madison Bumgarner spent 11 years in San Francisco but booked it to Arizona to get another crack at a championship.

Buster Posey, who plays most of the season as a catcher but also first base, is going to be a free agent in 2023. By then, he’ll be 36-years-old. His performance is also starting to decline.

In 2019 he only had 38 RBIs. Compared to 2018, it’s only a three-run loss however from his 67 runs in 2017, it’s a considerable difference.

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How much longer does Posey stick around to help them rebuild before he either retires or asks for a trade to a contender?

Shortstop Brandon Crawford is in the same boat. He’ll hit age 35 by the time he becomes a free agent in 2022. Though he’s been relatively consistent at the plate and on defense, he’ll need to make the same decision as Posey.

We can also narrow down a few others who won’t make it to 2030. Third baseman Pablo Sandoval and outfielder Hunter Pence certainly won’t be on the roster much longer.

Both players are set to become free agents in the offseason. Both have given more to the organization on and off the field than anyone could ever dream of. But their time to retire is quickly approaching.

The Giants haven’t had a winning season since their even-year magic in 2016 when they put up 87 wins. Will players like Posey and Crawford mentally survive another losing season down the road?

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Will a youngster like outfielder Mike Yastrzemski want to stick around if nothing changes?

Yastrzemski seems to be the guy who could stick around throughout the decade. However, he certainly can be a moving block within the next 10 years.

Assuming he continues to improve his numbers and strengthen his abilities in the outfield, Yastrzemski could make a lot of money come his free-agent period in 2026. But there’s also another link to him potentially leaving.

He was first drafted by the Boston Red Sox back in 2009. His Grandfather Carl Yastrzemski played for the Red Sox and Mike was born in Massachusetts.

Of course, if the Giants go on a massive 10-year playoff streak, Yastrzemski would most likely stay to secure the outfield. But you can’t help but think if the opportunity presented itself to play where his Grandpa once roamed, Yastrzemski wouldn’t take it.

Unfortunately, baseball is a business first. President of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi has to make some tough decisions year in year out.

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This just makes it impossible for any of the current SF Giants to stick around another 10 years.