49ers: Ranking all 10 undrafted free agent signings

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49ers (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The San Francisco 49ers signed 10 undrafted free agents following a haul of five players in the 2020 NFL Draft. Here is how they stack up.

The San Francisco 49ers brought in a large pool of undrafted free agents following the 2020 NFL Draft. They accumulated five players (as well as offensive tackle Trent Williams in a trade) in the draft and added 10 more as free agents afterward.

The 49ers picked up three defensive players and seven on the offensive side of the ball. Two of the three defensive players are defensive backs and one interior defensive lineman. Of the seven offensive players, none are lineman.

Now that roster sizes have been expanded to 55, practice squad rosters to 12, and 48-player game-day rosters, players fighting for a roster spot have an even greater chance to secure that spot.

Most of these guys may not be household names and may not have even been standouts on their own team, though every year there are undrafted players who come out of nowhere and produce.

How many of the players the 49ers picked up post-draft have the chance to do so and where do the signings rank based on that? Let’s get into it.

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