Warriors: Bob Myers says team will be ‘good partners’ about resuming play

Warriors (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Warriors (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers clarifies that the team will cooperate with the league’s decision if and when the season resumes.

As first reported by Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, general manager Bob Myers has spoken up about the Golden State Warriors and their stance on resuming play in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

He had the following to say about the situation.

"“The truth is we have the worst record in the league. That’s a fact. It’s hard to motivate in our unique position. But that doesn’t mean players don’t have pride and won’t come back and play and care about the league as a whole. We want to be good partners and we will be good partners.”"

This statement comes as a sort of response to Steve Kerr‘s comments from late last month about the team operating as if they are in the offseason when speaking on a call with the University of San Francisco.

"“It feels like the offseason. And, in fact, we had a Zoom call. Bob Myers and I got on Zoom with our players, our whole roster last week. And it was just a chance to check-in but it was also a chance for Bob to update the players on his contact with the league and the latest news, but it also kind of felt like our annual team exit meeting. Our coaching staff and I have been undergoing staff evaluations, offseason plans, so we are absolutely in offseason mode right now.”"

Kerr didn’t do or say anything wrong, he was just telling the truth about how the team had been operating during this downtime. But his comments caused a bit of a storm online, as they seemed to confirm what so many people have been fearing — that the season is over.

In reality, we just don’t know. Nobody does. The Warriors are just erring on the side of caution and doing the things internally that work best for them and their organization. They shouldn’t be representatives of what the league as a whole plans to do.

If you think about it, the Dubs have been at the forefront of the response to COVID-19 since the beginning. They were the first to announce that they would play games without fans, even though we never got to that game.

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And they’ve been adamant that they will adhere to local guidelines put in place about gatherings of groups of people, even as shelter-in-place orders begin to ease and certain teams are opening facilities. The Warriors are just trying to do the right thing.

And when it comes to the way they’ve been handling things internally, well, Bob put it best. They have the worst record in the league.

It makes a little bit more sense for them to be operating with a bit more finality than a team like the Clippers or the Bucks because the Dubs had already been eliminated from playoff contention before the season was suspended.

What more can they do but get a bit introspective?

"“So as we wait, we’re taking a step back and analyzing, ‘What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? How do we want to play offensively? How do we want to play defensively?’"

This has already been a season where the younger players have gotten an opportunity to play in larger roles than they normally would have. That was truly the one saving grace of this season for the Warriors.

But now with everything up in the air, it’s a foregone conclusion that despite their record, this team is just as eager to get back on the court like everyone else.

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Bob Myers coming out in support of that should provide some good morale for the rest of the league.