San Jose Sharks can realistically move on from Martin Jones

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Can Jones be traded?

The details of Jones’ contract are six years worth $34.5 million. If we break it down further, the value is split between base salary and signing bonuses. $31.5 million of the contract is taken up by base salary, while the other $3 million is signing bonuses.

Last season and this season, Jones’ base salary was at $6 million (2018-2020), next season it drops down to $4.5 million (2020-2021), then goes up to $5.5 million for the next two seasons (2021-2023), and finishes with a $4.5 million base salary (2023-2024).

The signing bonuses for the deal are taken care of within the first three years. This year and last year, the signing bonus was $750K, but next year the signing bonus jumps to $1.5 million.

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Jones’ cap hit for his whole contract is $5.75 million and he also has modified no-trade clauses (NTCs) for every season. These modified NTCs allow the Sharks to receive a list of three teams in which Jones is allowing the team to trade him to.

If the Sharks are trying to trade Jones, he will have to have the willing trade partner on his three-team list, unless the team can convince the 30-year-old to waive the NTC all together.

Making things more difficult, to get a team to take Jones, the Sharks will probably have to retain some salary and/or give up a first or second-round pick with him.

One possible trade option for the Sharks would be with the new expansion team in Seattle. If San Jose can convince Jones to waive his NTC, the Sharks could possibly send Jones over to the new team with the help of a high draft pick.

I don’t find it very likely that Jones is traded, but it could happen.