Warriors: Stephen Curry must come back to the game of basketball

Warriors, Stephen Curry (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)
Warriors, Stephen Curry (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images) /

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has been rehabbing since breaking his left hand early in the season and the NBA hasn’t been the same without the greatest shooter of all time.

Boy oh boy has the game of basketball missed Stephen Curry.

The All-Star point guard suffered a broken left hand against the Phoenix Suns back in October. After being wiped out by 260-pound Aron Baynes, Curry has been working tirelessly to get back on the court for the struggling Golden State Warriors.

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After taking part in five straight NBA finals, winning three, the Warriors find themselves at a league-worst 12-41 as All-Star weekend in Chicago approaches. One would say the season is over — and it probably is.

But, forget about the record and playoffs for a second. The game of basketball is missing Stephen Curry.

A man who has been the biggest motivator and inspiration to all younglings trying to hit the game-winning three on their travel basketball team.

A man who won three NBA finals for a franchise that when they drafted him, was failing and unable to win more than 30 games in a season.

A man who broke record after record.

Think of an in-game or in season three-point record. Stephen Curry has it. And if Stephen Curry doesn’t have that record, his Splash Brother, and co-pilot, Klay Thompson does.

Klay Thompson has been away from the court for the entire 2019-2020 season after tearing his ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals last June. That is what is killing the NBA at the moment.

Stephen Curry changed the game of basketball forever with his excellence behind the arc.

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The NBA has been an on and off league, being argued daily on whether it is entertaining and a sport worth watching. All of those arguments go to waste when Stephen Curry is in action.

He drops jaws. He inspires individuals of all ages. He brings life to the Bay Area. This man is special. No matter what record the Warriors have, Curry needs to come back to the game of basketball as soon as he is 100 percent healthy.

In no means am I advocating for rushing the man back to save NBA viewing numbers. Any type of hand or wrist injury involving the jump shot of the greatest shooter of all time should be taken to precaution.

But when the doctors say he is good to go, Curry should be in uniform and playing for the struggling Warriors.

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The game has missed Stephen Curry and we await his highly anticipated return, but until the day he is back, the NBA will not be the same without No. 30 hitting thirty footers on the biggest stage in the world.