49ers: Positional analysis of the Super Bowl LIV matchup with the Chiefs

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49ers (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /
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6. Comparing coaching staffs

Overall defense goes the 49ers’ way and overall offense goes the Chiefs’ way with the second half and playoff surge they’ve had.

That brings us to 7-5 in favor of San Francisco with the 49ers getting the edge in the run game, offensive line, pass rush, run-stopping, secondary, cornerbacks, and overall defense and the Chiefs getting the edge in quarterback, weapons, safeties, special teams, and overall offense.

That just leaves one more category in “coaching,” but since San Francisco is up by two, they still win the comparison. But as we look at this coaching matchup, this is the first time in a while I don’t have a clear picture of who exactly gets the edge in coaching in a Super Bowl matchup.

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In the previous three years, we’ve had Bill Belichick get the edge over all three coaches he’s faced, two of which he wound up beating. But this time around, I’m not exactly sure who’s the better coach between Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan.

Yes, Reid is the more accomplished coach with the bigger resume. But at the same time, is he a better offensive play-caller than Shanahan? I’m not so sure.

I think we have a matchup of the two best offensive minds in football, and alongside them are a fantastic offensive coordinator in Eric Bieniemy (in the case of Reid) and a surging defensive coordinator in Robert Saleh (in the case of Shanahan).

Both head coaches are offensive gurus and both have also lost disappointingly in Super Bowls (Reid with the Eagles back in the day, and Shanahan with the Falcons a few years ago as the offensive coordinator).

Is it finally time for Andy Reid to cement his legacy with a Super Bowl Championship? Or is it once again the moment for the new school offensive play-callers to rise to the top?

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I’m very torn. This is going to be one of the closest Super Bowls to make heads or tails on in years.