49ers: Positional analysis of the Super Bowl LIV matchup with the Chiefs

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Super Bowl LIV
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5. Comparing special teams

Kicking/special teams actually would go slightly to the Chiefs in this comparison. No, it might not seem like too big a deal, but in a one-game scenario, special teams could wind up being the deciding factor between two very evenly-matched teams.

Harrison Butker for Kansas City was 34-for-38 in field goals (89.5 percent) and 45-for-48 in extra points (93.8 percent) this year, whereas Robbie Gould was 23-for-31 (74.2 percent) in field goals and 41-for-42 (97.6 percent) in extra points.

Butker was the more effective kicker coming in at 92 percent for the entire year with Gould coming in at 88 percent.

But also in terms of punting and the return game, Kansas City gets the edge as well with a 41.6 net average punt (San Francisco had a 42.3 net average) and a 25.2-yard average kickoff return (San Francisco had a 20.5 average) and a 6.9 punt return average (San Francisco had an 8.0 average).

That means we have the Chiefs and 49ers at 2-2 on special teams with the Chiefs owning the kicking game and kick return game and the 49ers owning the punting and punt return game.

But I would say kicking is the most important of the four special teams categories, so the slight edge goes to the Chiefs on this one.