49ers: Positional analysis of the Super Bowl LIV matchup with the Chiefs

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2. Comparing offensive weapons and offensive lines

Looking at the weapons in the receiving department, I think it’s actually a little closer than people think, but I would still give the edge to the Chiefs. They have two lethal downfield options in Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman and Travis Kelce is the best tight end in football — at least for now.

San Francisco is very close with George Kittle, who Pro Football Focus ranked as the best overall player of 2019, Emmanuel Sanders, and Deebo Samuel as the primary pass catchers, but Hill is arguably the fastest player in the league and Kelce is a double-team nightmare up the seams.

Both are unstoppable when they get hot, and now we also have Sammy Watkins getting back into the swing of things with a touchdown last week against Tennessee and the Chiefs offense as a whole hitting a groove.

So, edge Chiefs in weapons.

The 49ers continue to redefine the smashmouth offense. light. Must Read

In the case of the offensive line, while it’s very close, I’m actually going to lean San Fran on this one. First of all, the Niners were the number two rushing offense in all of football this year; that’s behind the play of a stout offensive line.

And if we look at pass blocking stats, the Chiefs get the edge in only giving up 25 sacks this year, yes. But San Francisco is not too far behind only allowing 36.

So, I would say the Chiefs are a little better at pass blocking, but at the same time, the Niners are the far more superior run blocking team — and they’ve done that with the loss of their starting center for a lot of the year.

Slight edge San Francisco on the offensive line.