NBA 2020 Lottery Mock Draft: Who will fall to the Warriors and Sacramento Kings?

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Sacramento Kings
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27. . Point Guard. New York Knicks. LaMelo Ball. 3. player

LaMelo Ball seems like the perfect addition for the Knicks. He carries the name recognition to immediate excite fans in New York. His background in the spotlight has also made him uniquely equipped to handle the New York City market.

He has also displayed the elite talent necessary for consideration as a top pick. His all-around mastery (13.2 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 5.6 assist averages) shows that he is able to control every aspect of the game.

His 6-foot-7 frame will allow him to easily see the floor and bring some much-needed flair to Madison Square Garden.

player. 156. . Point Guard. Cleveland Cavaliers. Cole Anthony. 4

While a recent knee injury has cast a shadow around the top prospect, it seems as though Cole Anthony is still a favorite for selection within the top five.

The major concern is that scouts will miss the chance to see Anthony compete at the collegiate level as he recovers. With every missed game, speculation that he will forgo his college eligibility to focus on the NBA intensifies.

The post-LeBron James Cavaliers have a long way to go before reentering the realm of being serious contenders. However, a player with Anthony’s raw upside would provide the franchise with it’s biggest boost since Kyrie Irving was drafted.

Anthony’s best chance at initial success in the NBA would be as a ball-handler in a pick-and-roll based offense. His game has been compared to players like Derrick Rose and Austin Rivers. Realistically, he’ll likely be somewhere in between those two veterans.

142. . Small Forward. Washington Wizards. Deni Avdija. 5. player

After watching Luka Doncic develop into an MVP candidate during his first two seasons in Dallas, teams will certainly be paying attention to Avdija. The forward has a great combination of size, touch, passing, and ball handling that should mesh well in the modern NBA.

While his shooting needs to be improved (28.6 percent from three in the U20 Championships) he has all the tools needed to carve out a long professional career. His clean shooting form also lends to the fact that he may be able to quickly improve.

His ability to play gritty defense and initiate offense is reminiscent of a player like Joe Ingles. If his shot ever develops to Ingles’ level, the Wizards will be stealing Avdija by selecting him fifth overall.

24. . Power Forward. Chicago Bulls. Jaden McDaniels. 6. player

McDaniels is in the same mold as Brandon Ingram and Michael Porter Jr. He’s 6’10” and can handle and shoot at a proficient level. His upside as a scorer is obvious.