San Francisco Giants: 5 players the team could still target in the offseason

San Francisco Giants, Hunter Pence (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
San Francisco Giants, Hunter Pence (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The San Francisco Giants appear to be three years away from owning a competitive team. But here are five players they could still look to acquire this offseason.

The San Francisco Giants have done well to add the Los Angeles Angels’ first-round pick of this year in 21-year-old Will Wilson by mostly just adding the salary of Zach Cozart.

The Giants have some pretty good top prospects at middle infield, third base, and catcher too. Those will replace their aging veterans and help their rotation, primarily in 2021-2022.

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But what else can or should they add this year?

Kevin Pillar, OF

First, let’s look at Kevin Pillar. Didn’t they just non-tender him? Why would they want him back?

The Giants non-tendered a player projected to earn $9.7 million. No team will offer anywhere near that price.

But by offering him a major league contract for one year or two years, that will help appease Giants fans to the huge roster deficiency in the short term. It will bring back the Willie Mac award winner.

He would certainly be a filler before Heliot Ramos and/or Steven Duggar are ready to hit the major league outfield.

Dominic Smith, 1B

The New York Mets’ Dominic Smith would look great at first base for the Giants. Smith is blocked at first base in New York by Pete Alonso, but the 22-year-old has plenty of power and huge potential.

If he took over first base for the Giants, they could use Brandon Belt in left field, or perhaps trade him to another team that is looking for a first base filler.

So what would the Giants need to give? Adding the salary of Jeurys Familia would help. The Mets would cut $29 million over his next two years. Familia had a tough time last year but on the Giants, it’s possible he could go back to closing.

Also, the Giants would likely have to chip in a player the Mets might want. Jeff Samardzija could be that player but the Giants would likely need to eat some of that salary to give the Mets a better starting rotation while also saving money.

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Colorado Rockies 1B Prospects

Also in a search for a future first baseman, the Giants could call on their divisional rivals the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies have three of their top five prospects ready to play first base.

According to, they are Colton Welker, Grant Lavigne, and Michael Toglia. All are age 22 or younger. The Giants have no prospect in their top 10 to take over first base long-term. It would likely be a tough trade as the Rockies are looking long-term too.

Boston Red Sox 1B Prospects

The Boston Red Sox are trying to dump salary, so perhaps the Giants could pull off a similar trade as they did from the Angles by adding on David Price‘s salary while acquiring one of Boston’s first two prospects as both are first basemen.

They are Triston Casas and Bobby Dalbec. Casas is 18-years-old with a huge upside so it’s possible Boston won’t want to move him, but both of their prospects can’t breakthrough at the same position with the same team.

Hunter Pence, OF

Finally, the San Francisco Giants might want to consider adding Hunter Pence back. Like Pillar, he is a huge fan favorite and is a free agent.

He could fill-in as a part-time corner outfielder until Ramos is ready to take over. Last year, Pence had a bounceback season with Texas hitting .297 with 18 home runs.

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He’s a great guy to have in your clubhouse too.