San Francisco Giants: All-Decade Team of the 2010s

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San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The San Francisco Giants had a lot of high points to celebrate during the past decade. Here is their All-Decade team for the 2010s.

When it comes to baseball excellence in the 2010s, few teams can put together a better resume than the San Francisco Giants did.

The even years magic that — the “three in five years” run of dominance — had all but confirmed that the Giants would be the most successful team of the decade with half the decade still to go.

Somewhat surprisingly, the San Francisco Giants didn’t have the most impressive offenses put together in many of those years — successful or middling.

But they were able to get the job done thanks to a mixture of excellent pitching and heroic playoff performances.

There is no doubt that legends were made in San Francisco in the 2010s.

The list goes on and on for players who will be venerated in the Bay for decades to come.

Some of those names will make it onto this list, but many more exist as inspiring stories from the World Series runs that quenched a playoff thirst that had been building for what felt like lifetimes.

The Marco Scutaro‘s and the Barry Zito‘s and the Edgar Renteria‘s. They won’t make this list, but there are dozens of stories birthed from these ten years that will be told for years to come.

The San Francisco Giants have finally accepted some form of a rebuild.

They’ve closed the book on some stars — most notably Madison Bumgarner. They’ve accepted that they will one day have to make way for the next wave of talent, even if it means saying goodbye to the city’s former heroes.

Composing this list, in a way, was simple. There were all kinds of players that sunk their cleats into the AT&T/Oracle Park dirt and didn’t make room for anyone else. There are regulars. There are obvious choices.

As the Giants look toward the future, a moment to celebrate the past is much deserved.

Here are the top players of the decade — the All-Decade team for the San Francisco Giants.

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