Sacramento Kings: 15 greatest scorers in franchise history

Chris Webb, Sacramento Kings. (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
Chris Webb, Sacramento Kings. (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images) /
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Wayman Tisdale, Sacramento Kings
Wayman Tisdale, Sacramento Kings. (Photo by Tim Defrisco/Getty Images) /

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Power forward and smooth jazz bassist, Wayman Tisdale did it all on and off the court. The No. 2 overall pick of the Indiana Pacers in the 1985 NBA Draft, Tisdale left the University of Oklahoma as a three-time All-American. His collegiate production earned him a spot in the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009. The award for outstanding freshman is named in his honor.

In the pros, Tisdale compiled an impressive 12-year NBA career. A productive player for the Pacers, Tisdale’s production improved with his move to Sacramento where he teamed up with Mitch Richmond to create a dynamic duo.

In six seasons with the Kings, Tisdale scored 6,808 points, averaging 18.4 points per game. Tisdale shot 50.9 percent from the field in those six seasons as well, a very impressive feat to maintain over that long of a stretch.

Unfortunately, Tisdale never reached the playoffs with the Kings and was a productive member on some pretty bad teams. He deserved playoff success for how consistently solid he was for the Kings, but he found success in every other avenue of his life.

A successful jazz bassist, Tisdale was far from one-dimensional in life. Cancer took his life early, but the impact he had on and off the court on those around him was undeniable.