Golden State Warriors: Why trading Kevin Durant isn’t completely crazy

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On the surface, the Golden State Warriors trading Kevin Durant is crazy talk. However, let’s play devil’s advocate and look at why a potential deal makes some sense.

You’ve heard all of the rumors about what Kevin Durant may or may not do this offseason. However, there’s one side to this whole saga that’s rarely touched on. What if the Golden State Warriors shocked the NBA and decided to trade the former MVP?

The 2019 NBA trade deadline is fast approaching, with just under two weeks to go before the big day. While most of the talk involving the Warriors and a potential deal have involved minor moves, people seem to be ignoring the fact that a Durant trade isn’t out of the question. Extremely unlikely, but certainly not impossible.

While I’m not here today to convince you that Durant must be dealt, I do want to play devil’s advocate. As sports fans, we all love speculating on what the future may hold. So why not take a gander at a few reasons why the Warriors may decide to part ways with their lanky superstar?

Remember that this is all harmless speculation. No one here is pounding the table for Durant to be shipped away before Feb. 7’s deadline. The Warriors obviously benefit from having him on the roster. And yet, if you really think about, the possibility of trading him isn’t asinine when other aspects of the equation are thoroughly considered.

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So without further ado, let me walk you through a few reasons why the Warriors trading Durant isn’t completely crazy. This isn’t a call for action from Golden State, but a laying out of some food for thought.