Golden State Warriors: Signing Carmelo Anthony is a ridiculous idea

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Carmelo Anthony is set to become the latest big-name veteran to enter the free agency pool. Don’t think for a second the Golden State Warriors should sign him, though.

Pretty much every time a big-name NBA player becomes a free agent following a midseason buyout, the Golden State Warriors are mentioned as a potential landing spot. In the instance of Carmelo Anthony, though, it’s a discussion hardly worth having.

Honestly, the rumors haven’t even popped up yet. It’s more speculative tweets by Warriors fans and Carmelo believers. Regardless of the source, we need to nip this one in the bud. Golden State has no need for Anthony, and have no business even entertaining the idea of bringing him aboard.

So why would this even be an option? Well, in case you missed the news, the Houston Rockets traded Carmelo to the Chicago Bulls on Sunday.

This came months after he was removed from the rotation, a mere 10 games into his stay in Houston. As it so happens, even the floundering Bulls have no need for him.

So what would make any reasonable person believe that, if the Rockets and Bulls want nothing to do with Anthony, he’d be an asset for the Warriors? Nothing. That’s exactly my point. There’s no logical reality in which signing the washed-up, offensive-minded forward would do anything but lessen Golden State’s odds of pulling off a three-peat.

I’m sorry, but Anthony is not the superstar he once was. Some may blame it on the changes the game has undergone since the Warriors’ rise to supremacy, but it’s more than that. It’s Carmelo’s selfish style of play, and his fading effectiveness as an alpha scoring threat.

The only other reason I believe people are trying to connect these dots is the fact that the Warriors have an available roster spot. They’ve held on to only 14 players all year long, waiting for the opportunity to either bring back Patrick McCaw or pick up a veteran via buyout. It’s easy to assume Carmelo could slide right into that 15th slot on the roster, right?

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Easy? Yes. Sensible? Not necessarily. And yet, when we consider the recent words of general manager Bob Myers, fans everywhere are seeing smoke that doesn’t exist. Here’s the latest from Myers on that final roster spot, a response to the possibility of adding another center as insurance for DeMarcus Cousins during his recent appearance on 95.7 The Game:

"This gives us a window here prior to the deadline that will inform us in that direction. If DeMarcus comes back and looks great and looks healthy — and a great wing is available via trade or a great wing is available via buyout — sure we would look at that. We’ll factor in all we know in two weeks or three weeks when making that decision."

A wing, you say. Carmelo is a wing. It’s almost like the fates have aligned to gift the Warriors yet another All-Star to bolster what is probably already the NBA’s best roster. Except not really.

The Warriors don’t need Carmelo, even if he needs them. They’ve won a championship with less than they currently have, and adding him would do nothing more than stifle their second unit’s rhythm and chemistry. Plus, it’s not like the 35.3 percent he’s shot from long range over the last two seasons really “fits” Golden State’s style, as so many wayward fans would attest to.

The vast majority, though, understands that Carmelo and the Warriors aren’t a match made in heaven.

As you can see, our Bay Area-minded following held firm to the belief that signing Carmelo isn’t the way to go. The Warriors have a roster spot, but using it on a has-been won’t do them any favors.

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With other possible directions to go in right now, the Warriors need to let someone else make the mistake of signing Anthony. It’s been some time since he was capable of making a positive impact on the court, and that’s not going to change.