Golden State Warriors: Re-drafting the team’s last 3 first-round picks

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Re-drafting is never easy, but there were definitely better options available when it comes to the Golden State Warriors’ last three first-round selections.

Over the last few years, the Golden State Warriors have had the tough task of selecting near the end of the first round of the NBA Draft. It’s a steep price to pay for winning championships, breaking records and being all-around awesome.

However, in the years they did choose to keep their pick, the Warriors haven’t had the greatest of success in turning those picks into production. Sure, they’ve made some decent selections and even got a second-round steal out of Jordan Bell. It’s those first-round picks, though, that have failed to provide true value.

So today, we’re going to look at how they could have maximized those first-round selections.

Keep in mind that the pool of talent we’re pulling from is slim. It’s not like when we re-drafted the Sacramento Kingslast few first-round picks — drafting at the top of the order leaves your re-draft options wide open. Picking at the bottom of the order offers far less opportunity, especially since finding legit talent in the second round is like throwing darts with a blindfold on.

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Either way, I believe these re-drafted picks would provide some additional value to an already-loaded Warriors roster. As the old saying goes — hindsight is 20/20.