Oakland Raiders: 3 potential cap casualties in 2019

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QB A.J. McCarron

Of the three names on this list, this one seems like the clearest no-brainer move. A.J. McCarron hasn’t done much to prove his worth since departing from the Cincinnati Bengals, and now faces long odds to be the backup quarterback for the Raiders in 2019.

So why not cut him loose? McCarron is scheduled to make $5 million in 2019, which isn’t cheap — even for a backup. And yet, considering his overall talent and the other options that’ll be available this offseason, moving on from the former Alabama star is a logical plan of attack.

Especially with so much draft capital, the Raiders would be better off drafting a young quarterback in the middle rounds who Gruden can groom. We’ve already seen McCarron’s ceiling, and it isn’t that high. Heck, he’s already failed to beat out Andy Dalton for a starting job and Nathan Peterman for a backup job. What makes the Raiders think he’s worth keeping around?

Well, I’m sure Gruden has some love affair for McCarron. The guy just loves his quarterbacks, as we’ve seen with last year’s signings of Christian Hackenberg and Peterman. However, if he truly is invested in turning this team into a contender, finding a better backup behind Derek Carr seems like a smart move to make.

McCarron’s had a good run. At one point, he even looked like a potential starter in the making. At this point, though, it would be better for the Raiders to cut their losses and clear his $5 million from the books. That money can be better spent elsewhere.