Oakland Raiders: Realistic options at No. 24 during the 2019 NFL Draft

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Mack Wilson, ILB, Alabama

For some reason, the Raiders have been avoiding the inside linebacker position for years. Every offseason, fans and analysts alike pound the table for them to grab a top linebacker prospect, but it never happens. Will this be the year that changes now that they’re under new management?

You never know. With three first-round picks, the Raiders do have the luxury of using one of those on a non-premium position. Especially if they can find help at defensive end or cornerback with the No. 4 pick, Gruden might just decide going with a linebacker later on Day 1 isn’t the worst idea in the world.

If that ends up being the case, Mack Wilson could be someone worth keeping in mind. I don’t think Devin White will still be on the board at this point, which makes the Alabama product the next logical option to provide the Raiders with some high-upside talent in the middle of their inferior defense.

What really helps Wilson stand out on film is the fact that he can do everything well. While not an elite prospect, he boasts the speed, athleticism and instincts to make an impact on all three downs. Considering pass coverage has been a huge sore thumb for the Raiders’ recent string of inside linebackers, Wilson seems like the perfect solution to that problem.

If Gruden feels like splurging on a linebacker at No. 24, Wilson belongs in the discussion.