Oakland Raiders: Reasons why moving to London is a terrible idea

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2. It would be a major inconvenience for everyone

Seriously, how would this not be a major inconvenience? It’s one thing to move an NFL team to another city, which is already a huge logistical headache. However, taking a team to a different country for one year just seems like a nightmare.

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First, you’re supplanting hundreds of people from their homes. There’s going to be massive turnover within the organization because some folks simply aren’t going to want to make that move — even if it is for only one year. Players are going to want to be released from their contracts because they’ll have no desire for an international relocation.

Then think of the scheduling and travel aspect. The NFL is going to have to put special attention to the Raiders’ schedule as well as their London opponents. Short weeks won’t be an option — could you imagine playing on Sunday, taking a 14-hour flight, and then trying to prepare for a Thursday night game? Yeah, that’s not happening. So scheduling becomes a headache as well.

It goes beyond the players and coaches, though.

It’ll be a huge inconvenience for fans of the Raiders. Most of them live on the West Coast, which means they’d probably have to wake up to watch games at 6:30 AM. For folks who are used to getting their NFL Sundays started at 10 AM, that’s tough.

The list goes on, but I think you get the point. I know the NFL wants to expand to London, but this would do more to alienate the current fanbase than anything else.