Golden State Warriors Rumors: Team interested in Anthony Davis trade?

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Could you imagine a world where Anthony Davis plays for the Golden State Warriors? Recent rumors suggest the club has interest in swinging a trade for the superstar big man.

The rumor mill has been spitting out plenty of interesting tidbits about the Golden State Warriors in recent weeks. However, all of it pales in comparison to the latest news that suggests Anthony Davis may actually become a trade target for the two-time defending champions.

According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, the Warriors have a particular amount of interest in a potential deal for Davis. The tricky part is figuring out compensation, which would make a swap extremely difficult — if not impossible.

"The Warriors have been publicly linked to Davis before — and would surely be interested, sources say — but it’s hard to find a realistic path ahead of next season. They aren’t trading Curry or Durant for him; Durant is a free agent anyway. Draymond Green probably isn’t enticing enough as a centerpiece considering what little else the Warriors have in draft picks and young players. Klay Thompson is a free agent too, and it seems unlikely he would agree to a sign-and-trade sending him to New Orleans."

Now on the surface, it’s easy to start imagining what Davis could look like in Warriors jersey. He would give them the dynamic front-court presence they haven’t had in years, making the Golden State offense all the more dangerous with elite playmakers across the board.

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As Lowe mentions, though, it would be difficult to make things work in terms of hashing out the details of a deal. The Pelicans aren’t going to accept peanuts for one of the game’s best big men, and there will be plenty of suitors willing to throw more pieces into the pot.

Realistically, the Warriors would have to find a third party willing to part with a package of rising youngsters and draft assets in order to swing a deal. Even then, it would likely include parting ways with Green, who doesn’t carry as much value now as he did even a few months ago, and then some.

Let’s be honest — it’s a pipe dream. We all get it into our heads that Davis is available for the right price, and suddenly everyone thinks he’ll be wearing their favorite team’s jersey in the near future. The fact of the matter, though, is that pulling off a trade for Davis is extremely unlikely for the Warriors.

What I’m trying to say is don’t hold your breath. There’s a much better chance that he’ll land with a team like the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers instead of the Warriors.

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Either way, it certainly gets the cogs turning when you hear that Golden State is interested in a Davis trade. Then again, I’m pretty sure just about every other NBA team has some semblance of interest in bringing the former No. 1 overall pick aboard.