Sacramento Kings: Trade targets who would guarantee a playoff appearance

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Otto Porter Jr., SF, Washington Wizards

The first two players on this list may have been bigger names, but Otto Porter Jr. may actually be the better and more realistic target of the three. That is, if the Washington Wizards are willing to part with him.

Rumors began floating around recently that the Kings were very interested in acquiring Porter’s services. However, according to an NBC Sports Washington source, the Wizards are not looking to deal the two-way wing at this moment. As we all know, though, those types of stances can change in a hurry in the NBA.

What happens if the Wizards begin piling up losses again? They’ve been slightly better in recent weeks, but are still sitting at 12-18 as we work our way through the middle of December. If they’re still hanging around 11th place in the Eastern Conference by the time the 2019 trade deadline rolls around (Feb. 7), Washington’s position on dealing Porter may shift.

If that ends up being the case, the Kings need to put their efforts towards building a trade package significant enough to convince the Wizards to pull the trigger. Porter is a dynamic talent capable of making an impact on both ends of the floor. Especially from a defensive standpoint, his presence at the 3 would do wonders for this Sacramento squad.

The biggest concern here is the price tag that could accompany Porter. Without their 2019 first-round pick, it won’t be easy for the Kings to put together an alluring offer. However, if Divac truly is intent on making the playoffs, I’m sure he’ll figure something out.

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The best things in life never come easy. But if it gets the Kings to the postseason, Divac will have no choice but to take the difficult road to obtaining Porter’s services.