Oakland Raiders: Ranking 2019 stadium options following lawsuit

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1. Oakland – Oakland Alameda Coliseum

As much as Davis may hate it, toughing it out in Oakland may still be the best approach. The lawsuit puts an obvious damper on the notion, but at some point you have to see reason and understand that petty differences are meant to be put aside.

With that said, it won’t be easy mending fences.

Following the delivery of the lawsuit, the Raiders promptly retracted their $7.5 million offer to spend 2019 in Oakland Alameda Coliseum, their home every year they’ve spent in the Bay Area. That essentially meant that the team’s Dec. 24 showdown with the Denver Broncos may be their last in Oakland.

Maybe not, though. Especially in an argument involving Davis, there are going to be a lot of bold statements made. And yet, seeing as he’s a business man, we also have to assume that he knows what’s best for his bottom line. If staying in Oakland is the way to go, he’s going to have to relent on his strong desire to make the temporary move eventually, right?

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Who knows for sure? All we can do is wait and see what happens from here.

With that said, I believe the Raiders remaining in Oakland in 2019 is the way to go. They’ve got one final season to tap into the fan base that’s been rooting for them for decades. It nixes the need to displace the team for one year, and serves as a final farewell tour for one of the league’s most popular franchises.