Oakland Raiders: Ranking 2019 stadium options following lawsuit

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5. Las Vegas – Sam Boyd Stadium

There’s been some discussion about the potential of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas early. Now obviously they can’t play in their new stadium just yet, seeing as its construction isn’t even close to complete. So where would they go?

The first and most likely option if they headed for Sin City early is Sam Boyd Stadium, home of the UNLV Rebels. The local college football team would be forced to share their digs with the Raiders. I assure you it would be an uncomfortable situation for both parties involved.

Why? Well for starters, Sam Boyd Stadium is far from NFL-ready. It’s going to take a ton of money and renovations to get the stadium in shape for handling Sunday football, even for a single season. I’m sure the Raiders could find a way to make ends meet considering how deep Davis’ pockets are, but it’s far from ideal.

More than likely, this isn’t really an option for the Raiders. Davis probably prefers their glorious arrival in Las Vegas is commemorated by games in their shiny new stadium, which isn’t an option if they end up making a premature move.

This would essentially be the “panic button” of scenarios.