Oakland Raiders: Reasons team should draft Heisman winner Kyler Murray

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1. Murray offers star potential at a discounted price

Here’s the best part about drafting Murray — it shouldn’t cost a first-round pick. With his current deal with the Athletics, teams are going to be wary of the potential returns of selecting him come late-April. That means he can be had for less than you’d expect for a player with his talents.

Now I’m not entirely sure where he’ll be drafted. No one does. It’ll probably come down to how his pre-draft workouts go (if he does them) and where his head is with the whole two-sports idea. If he takes a hard stance of baseball being his future, he’ll obviously go undrafted.

And yet, there’s the possibility someone drafts him late to claim his rights if he enters tentatively. Then, if baseball doesn’t work out, they get first dibs at seeing what Murray can do in the NFL.

Could the Raiders be the ones to use this tactic? It seems like a possibility, especially considering how unpredictable Gruden can be. Especially if he likes the Oklahoma product and decides he can mold him into a star quarterback, I wouldn’t put it past Chucky to invest a mid-round pick in the waiting game that is Murray’s football career.

Trust me when I say the potential is there. Or let ESPN back up my assertion.

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There are so many possibilities when it comes to Murray’s future. Maybe he makes it clear that the NFL isn’t a serious consideration. Or maybe he tells the Athletics to shove it, and decides to stick to throwing a pigskin. Either way, don’t be surprised if the Raiders show some interest.