Oakland Raiders: Reasons team should draft Heisman winner Kyler Murray

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3. The Oakland connection (maybe)

The first and most obvious of the reasons is the Oakland connection. Although it’s unclear how much longer the Raiders will be playing in the Bay Area, it almost seems perfect for Murray to be drafted by a team that may be working out of Oakland in 2019.

Why? Well, for starters, Murray is currently under contract with MLB’s Athletics. The local baseball team spent their 2018 first-round pick on the two-sport star, and agreed to allow him to play out his junior season as the Oklahoma Sooner’s sensational quarterback. However, part of his contract stipulated that he report to 2019 Spring Training.

Well, him joining the Raiders would make any two-sport action much easier for Murray. That way, he’d already be set up in Oakland as a member of the A’s. Then, when he’s got time during his busy schedule, he can trudge on down to the Raiders facility to get his work in there. Now obviously it would be a bit more complicated than that, but you get my point (hopefully).

Put simply, playing in the NFL and MLB would be easier if both of Murray’s teams were in the same city. Things seemed to go as smoothly as you can reasonable expect when Deion Sanders played for both the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves back in the day.

The eventual move to Las Vegas may muddy the situation a bit. For now, though, the Oakland connection could persuade the Raiders to pull the trigger.