San Francisco 49ers: 5 Dream targets in 2019 NFL free agency

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Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images /
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Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /

In an alternate universe where anything is possible and salary caps don’t matter, which stars would the San Francisco 49ers target during 2019 NFL free agency?

Don’t kid yourself — the San Francisco 49ers need a ton of work this upcoming offseason. Even after plenty of tinkering throughout the 2018 offseason, don’t expect 2019 to be anything more than a continuation of that rebuilding process.

It all starts during 2019 NFL free agency, a period that could make or break the short-term future of this franchise. Seeing as we’re still a few months out from that madness, though, I’ve decided to take a more fantastical look at what could potentially ensue when March arrives.

Today, I’m looking at a few of the 49ers’ dream targets during 2019 free agency. In this scenario, I’m ignoring financial implications, players’ potential desires and possible re-signings to highlight a few impending free agents who would help fix this broken San Francisco roster. Then again, just about anything would be better based on this team’s current 2-10 record.

Either way, it’s an ambitious look at options for upgrading this 49ers squad.

With that in mind, here are a few dream targets for the 49ers during 2019 NFL free agency. Don’t get your hopes up that any of them will be playing in the Bay Area next year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our imaginations to speculate on how they’d fit in.