Oakland Raiders: Reasons why adding Kareem Hunt is an asinine idea

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Character and integrity matter

It’s unfortunate that talent seems to trump all in the league – and in many places outside the league, to be honest. It shouldn’t. Just because you can do a thing, and do it very well, it shouldn’t exempt you from being a decent human being.

As old-fashioned and trite as some people will, no doubt, believe it to be – character and integrity really do matter. Or at least, they should.

Part of the reason we see so many NFL players getting in trouble with the law over and over again, is because there really are no consequences for their actions.

Or, at least, very few. Yeah, they may miss a game or two, here and there, but is anybody ever really punished for serious transgressions? That enabling behavior leads guys to think they are, in fact, bulletproof.

And some guys get so many chances because they’re so highly talented, which in turn leads to a better bottom line for the team and the league – thus allowing a continuing cycle of bad behavior.

Perhaps, if the league put more emphasis on keeping your nose clean, doing the right thing, and staying out of trouble, we wouldn’t see an NFL player on a police blotter every other day. Maybe, if there were some actual consequences for breaking the law and being a bad person, we wouldn’t see guys doing those exact things.

Character and integrity matter, whether or not it’s an antiquated notion.