Oakland Raiders: Reasons why adding Kareem Hunt is an asinine idea

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Oakland Raiders
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The Oakland Raiders are in desperate need of a running back, but here are a few reasons why they should avoid Kareem Hunt like the plague.

Predictably enough, it didn’t take long at all for some Oakland Raiders fans to start calling on the team to put in a waiver claim on Kareem Hunt following his release from the Kansas City Chiefs. The call from some corners for Hunt to come to the East Bay was practically instant, and as unsurprising as getting burned when you put your hand on a hot stove.

There’s no question that the Raiders need to juice up one of the worst ground games in the entire league. They just don’t need to juice it up with a guy who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to put his hands on a woman when he’s angry.

Now, the Hunt apologists out there are in full force, of course. The loud and angry reactions you see on Twitter and other social media platforms range from, “he wasn’t involved with her, so it can’t be domestic abuse,” to, “he barely tapped her with his foot,” to, “she didn’t even need to go to the hospital, so what’s the big deal?”

As if any of those things ever justify putting your hands on a woman. The justifications by some of Hunt’s apologists are about as appalling as they get.

Was Hunt’s attack as vicious as what Ray Rice did to his then-fiancee? No. But, could it be that’s only because he had some friends with him who were holding him back? Quite possibly.

No matter which way you slice it though, he put his hands on a woman, which shows a lot about who he is as a person.

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It’s unfortunate it takes the release of a video (via TMZ) showing his actions to spur the team – and the league – into action. It’s even more egregious when you consider they’ve known about it since February and yet, did nothing and swept it under the rug.

The fact that the Chiefs and the NFL did not actually conduct any sort of actual investigation into the matter – is truly disgusting. For a league who every October, dons pink to show they care about women’s causes, they continue to prove that it’s all for show and their support for women is nothing more than lip service.

The question is where will Hunt land – and here are a few reasons that landing spot should most definitely not be with the Raiders.