Oakland Raiders: A few players to watch in preseason game vs. Rams

OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 14: Justin Ellis
OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 14: Justin Ellis /
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Oakland Raiders
OAKLAND, CA – AUGUST 14: Justin Ellis /

The Oakland Raiders take on the LA Rams in preseason game number two – here are a few players worth keeping an eye on.

The Oakland Raiders kicked off the preseason last week with a solid, if unspectacular win over the Detroit Lion. But, what can you reasonably expect of preseason football?

But hey, at least it’s football, right?

The Raiders travel to Los Angeles this week to take on the Rams for a little bit of a sneak peek at their week one opponent. Though, the team they face tonight will likely look much different, come week one.

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Also, given that they’ll be squaring off in just a few weeks here, you can expect a lot of bland, vanilla, wholly unimaginative play calling, as neither side is going to want to tip their hand too much, just ahead of a game that actually counts.

We likely won’t see either team’s starters play very much again this week as camp battles for roster spots and playing time are still raging. And the Raiders have quite a few very intriguing battles to watch as the team shapes the roster.

From the linebackers, to the safeties, to the wide receivers – and a lot of positions in between – the Raiders have a lot of questions that still need answering.

Which makes the next three games critical. Not from a football standpoint, necessarily, but from the player evaluation standpoint.

There have been some big surprises throughout camp, and some major disappointments. There are a lot of guys on the roster bubble you might not have thought would be there.

There are also plenty of guys who have stepped up and could be on the verge of earning a roster spot that you might not have expected.

With that in mind then, let’s take a look at a few players well worth keeping an eye on when the Raiders take the field against the Rams.