Oakland Raiders: Stacking up the wide receivers in the AFC West

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 26: Amari Cooper
OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 26: Amari Cooper /
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Oakland Raiders
OAKLAND, CA – NOVEMBER 26: Amari Cooper /

The Oakland Raiders have made a lot of changes. In this series of articles, we’ll look at how each position group stacks up against their AFC West foes – next up, wide receivers.

Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has taken a sledgehammer to the roster since taking control of the team. He’s brought in new faces – while jettisoning others – at virtually every position group.

But, the question has to be asked – is he actually improving a roster than went an underwhelming and underachieving 6-10 last season, or is he simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

Certainly, there are some upgrades at key positions. But, there are also plenty of question marks at others.

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One of the position groups that’s undergone the most radical of changes though, is the wide receivers group. The group quarterback Derek Carr has to work with in 2018 will be far different than he’s had the last few seasons. And although there are some very serious questions that need to be asked, this is a group that is absolutely brimming with potential.

Carr has got to be excited for a group of receivers that, at least on paper, seems like it can do it all. This could be the most exciting, dynamic, reliable – and most importantly, deep – group of receivers he’s had to work with over his four seasons in the league.

Some might scoff at the notion, but if you really break it down and look at each individual receiver’s skill set, you might just scoff less. Or, maybe not. It’s obviously all subjective in nature.

Oakland’s got some young playmakers and craft veterans alike. They have a good blend of youth and experience in their receiver’s room. Yes, there are still plenty of question marks surrounding the group, but if it comes together, Oakland’s passing game can be downright lethal.

The question of course, is, can it come together?

Another valid question to ask is how Oakland’s receiver’s group stacks up with their division rivals. Where do they fall in the AFC West pecking order?

We’ve already stacked up Oakland’s running backs against the AFC West, so it’s time to move to another position group.

As stated earlier, it’s obviously a very subjective view, but this is one man’s opinion of how Oakland’s wide receiver’s group stacks up against the rest of the AFC West.